Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The main purpose of KleverLab LLC is to provide current and future customers with a constant supply of products that meet their needs and expectations as well as the requirements of applicable legal regulations.

Considering that, in the opinion of the Management Board the necessary elements leading to the sustainable success of the company are:

  • ensuring the stable development of the Company
  • building partnership relations with customers and suppliers
  • high quality of the offered products
  • timely execution of orders

it was decided to use and continuously improve the management system compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The main directions of activities ensuring the implementation of the above assumptions were:

  • implementation of a process approach
  • monitoring of processes affecting quality
  • planning and achieving goals
  • effective risk management
  • cooperation with customers by assessing their needs and expectations and analyzing opinions about products
  • selection of suppliers who meet our quality requirements
  • improving the competences and professional qualifications of employees.

The above directions will be systematically implemented by the Management Board of KleverLab LLC, as well as all company personnel who have been informed about the implementation of the Quality Policy and are aware of the importance of its implementation to ensure a stable position of the company and building its brand on the market.

To implement the Quality Policy, the Management Board of KleverLab LLC, obliges itself and its employees to use all available tools provided by the Quality Management System compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. We have prioritized control mechanisms to ensure complete elimination of all defects and guarantee the highest technical level.

We declare constant and consistent activities aimed at improving processes, thus products and services, and promoting pro-quality awareness among our employees.