KleverTest Lyo CT PCR Kit

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Liophilized kit for the fast qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA by qPCR.
*LP โ€“ low profile plates, HP โ€“ high profile plates

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KleverTest Lyo CT Kit is designated for detection and quantification of Chlamydia trachomatis DNA in clinical samples. Kit produced in lyophilized form and can be stored at room temperature. Lyophilization in breakable horizontally and vertically 96-well plates allows PCR tests in 8 or 12 well strips, part strips or individual tubes. KleverTest Lyo CT Kit possess high specificity and sensitivity. Usage of uracil-DNA glycosylase allows to avoid risk of carry-over contamination; special additives significantly increase resistance to inhibitors. Limits of detection (LOD) for the kit is estimated to be 103 genome equivalents copies of DNA per 1 ml of sample (95% confidence interval). KleverTest Lyo CT PCR Kit is validated for the following real-time PCR instruments: Mx 3005Pโ„ข QPCR System (Agilent), CFX96โ„ข Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad), QuantStudio 3/5 (Thermo Fisher).


  • High specificity (up to 99.9%)
  • Limit of detection โ€“ 1000 copies/ml
  • Storage at RT
  • PCR tests in 96-well-plate, 8 or 12 well strips, part strips or individual tubes are allowing
  • Contains UDG and dUTP eliminating possible carryover contamination

Area of applications:

  • Chlamydia trachomatis DNA detection

Storage and transportation conditions:

  • RT (< +25ยฐะก) โ€“ 1 year

Additional information

Product Size

96 reactions/HP
96 reactions/LP