5X Fast Dye qPCR Mastermix

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Ready-to-use mastermix for qPCR with intercalating dyes.

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5Х Fast Dye qPCR Mastermix is a versatile, ready-to-use reagent for real time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) with intercalating dye. The solution contains substances that increase half-life and processivity of Taq DNA polymerase by enhancing its stability during PCR. 5X Fast Dye qPCR Mastermix contains DNA polymerase inactivated by antibodies, which does not exhibit enzymatic activity during reaction mixture preparation, which leads to increasing of reaction specificity and sensitivity. Enzyme activation occurs automatically during the first cycle of DNA denaturation. Optionally Mastermix can contains ROX reference dye (final concentration is 0.5 μM (High ROX) or 0.03 μM (Low ROX) depending of qPCR instrument).


  • High sensitivity (single copies of DNA)
  • Increased inhibition resistance

Area of applications:

  • PCR with intercalating dye

Storage and transportation conditions:

  • From -24°С to -16°С – 2 years
  • Up to 14 days at a temperature < + 25°С
  • 10 freeze/thaw cycles are allowed

Additional information

Product Size

250 reactions/1×1.25 ml
500 reactions/2×1.25 ml
1 000 reactions/4×1.25 ml
5 000 reactions/20×1.25 ml
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