PuriMag P Total DNA/RNA Isolation Kit

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Kit for isolation of total DNA/RNA from blood plasma and serum based on magnetic beads.

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PuriMag P Total DNA/RNA Isolation Kit was directly designed for the extraction of total DNA/RNA from plasma and serum which contains low titer of pathogenic microorganisms. Isolated DNA/RNA is suitable for further molecular biological studies, including qPCR and RT-PCR.
PuriMag P Total DNA/RNA Isolation Kit is designed to perform assays of 100 samples with a volume of 100 μl. NA recovery is dependent upon sample type and is typically greater than 75%. The sensitivity of the system is 500 copies/ml of MS2 phage target in plasma. PuriMag P Total DNA/RNA Isolation Kit allows to purify DNA/RNA both in manual mode (use magnetic rack for single tubes 1.5-2.0 ml) and in automatic mode using robotic stations.


  • NA recovery > 75%
  • Useful in manual and automatic modes

Area of applications:

  • NA isolation and purification

Storage and transportation conditions:

  • RT (< +25°С) – 1 year

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