Magnetic Beads ExtraMag (25 mg/ml)

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Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA extraction and purification.

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ExtraMag beads are silica-coated superparamagnetic particles designed for high-throughput and rapid extraction and purification of nucleic acids. Average particle size is 1 μm. ExtraMag beads provide high NA purity (А260/А280 = 2.1–2.2) and NA extraction capacity (6–12 μg per 1 mg of beads). Beads posses high sedimentation stability (3-5 min) and short time of magnetic separation (< 1 min). ExtraMag can be used in manual and automatic modes and compatible with most popular automatic stations (KingFisher Flex, Freedom EVO® or analogous).


  • High NA purity and capacity
  • Good sedimintation stability
  • Short time of magnetic separation
  • Easy to resuspend
  • Compatible with automatic stations

Area of applications:

  • Genomic NA extraction
  • Viral NA extraction
  • Plasmid DNA purification
  • Purification of PCR products


  • 25 mg/ml (up to 200 mg/ml upon request)

Storage and transportation conditions:

  • RT (<+ 25°С) – 1 year
  • Not allowed to freeze


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