KleverLab is a fast growing biotechnology company dedicated to providing a diverse range of high-quality products for molecular diagnostics.

Molecular diagnostics is the application of molecular biology techniques to the study of human disease, as well as in veterinary medicine and food control.

We offer best-in-class laboratory materials, technologies & services to help you complete your research.

Our PCR kits for human diagnostics offer precise detection and identification of pathogens, genetic disorders, and biomarkers, aiding in timely disease diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies. PCR sets for veterinary diagnostics enable rapid and accurate identification of infectious agents, contributing to effective disease management and animal health monitoring. In the food control sphere, our PCR test-systems ensures the reliable detection of foodborne pathogens and contaminants, safeguarding public health and ensuring product quality and safety.

Moreover, our DNA and RNA purification solutions streamline the extraction process, overcoming obstacles such as sample impurities and low yields, to deliver high-quality nucleic acids suitable for downstream applications like sequencing and genotyping. By addressing these challenges head-on, KleverLab empowers researchers, clinicians, and industries to achieve enhanced diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and confidence in their results, ultimately advancing healthcare, veterinary medicine, and food safety standards worldwide.

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