2X Blitz Mastermix

170 - 1 040

Ready-to-use mix for PCR with increased synthesis accuracy and resistance to inhibitors. Suitable for preparation of NGS libraries

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2X Blitz Mastermix is a ready-to-use mixture for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with increased accuracy of DNA synthesis. Mastermix contains all the necessary components for PCR, including: thermostable DNA-polymerase, dNTPs and optimized buffer. The DNA polymerase included in the Blitz mastermix is a chimeric thermostable protein consisting of Pfu polymerase and SSO7d DNA-binding domain. The DNA-binding domain stabilizes the complex of DNA polymerase with the template, that leads to an increase in the processivity, synthesis rate, accuracy and stability of the enzyme in a high ionic strength of the solution. The mastermix has an increased rate of DNA synthesis (up to 4000 bp / min) and is capable of amplifying DNA fragments longer than 10,000 bp. The reagent is resistant to inhibitors and can be used in «direct» PCR without preliminary purification of the matrix (resistant to 10% blood in the PCR mixture).


  • Increased DNA synthesis rate (up to 4000 bp/min)
  • Long fragments amplification (10 kbp or longer)
  • Increased inhibition resistance

Area of applications:

  • PCR with increased synthesis accuracy
  • Amplification of long DNA fragments
  • Direct PCR without samples purifications
  • NGS libraries preparation

Storage and transportation conditions:

  • From -24°С to -16°С – 2 years
  • Up to 7 days at a temperature < +25°С

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