I have a question about the product. Who can help me?

You can always call us during working hours by phone: +48 573 966 831
or send a question to email: info@kleverlab.eu or use the contact form. Our specialists are always happy to help and advise on any issue. We respond to written requests within 2 business days.

How to get specialized technical support?

If you need technical support, please email us e-mail: info@kleverlab.eu or use the contact form with a detailed question and we will forward it to the appropriate specialist.

Where to get instruction, certificate and LOT for the product that I bought?

Along with the product you received an information card with a qr-code. Scan it to get all the necessary documents. You can also find them on our website: https://kleverlab.eu/products/
Use the search function to find the product you need (search by SKU or product name)

I found the right product, but I don’t see the right size on the website. Can I make a custom order?

Our company has its own production laboratory, which allows us to create individual solutions for our customers. Please leave a detailed request via our contact form and choose in the “Subject” field – “Customised order”. We will try to find a solution for you!


How to place an order?

You can place an order using our website. https://kleverlab.eu/products/.
If you have any problems with order please feel free to send us email info@kleverlab.eu or to call us.

I want to place a bulk order. Will the price be another?

If you need to place a bulk order please fill out the form here and choose the correct subject “Bulk order”. Yes, the price will be different. Which one depends on your order. Please describe your order in detail and we will send you a commercial offer in response.

I want to try your product before I buy it. Is that possible?

Yes. Select the desired product and choose “Free sample” in the “Product size” field on our website https://kleverlab.eu.
Please note that only a sample is free. The shipping cost will be added automatically to your order.

What information is required to complete an order?

  • Customer Full name
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • VAT for companies located in the EU

How to track order?

Within 2 business days after payment of the order, our Customer Service will contact you to confirm all the details of your order together with the estimated shipping date. On the day of shipping, you will receive a waybill number to track the shipment on the courier’s webpage.


Which delivery services will my order be sent by?

DHL Express for international shipping and UPS for Poland or dedicated air/land transport.

What is the shipping cost?

– order value above and equal €1,000 paid by Supplier ( €0.00)
– order value up to €1,000 paid by Customer and added in invoice (€50.00)
– free sample paid by Customer and added in invoice (€35.00)

How are temperature-sensitive products transported?

We transport temperature-sensitive products with cooling elements, according to product specification.


How can I pay?

You can pay for your order using any of the available payment methods:

  • Сard payment (available payment cards Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro).
  • Direct bank transfer (proforma/invoice).
  • PayPal.

What are the payment terms?

If you buy products with a payment card, you have to pay for your order immediately. If you choose direct bank transfer, after receiving the proforma/invoice, you have to pay the invoice within 7 calendar days

I have problems with payment. What should I do?

If you have problems with your payment, please try another payment card or payment method. Try to contact your bank and find out why the payment is not going through. Perhaps the payment is not going through due to the established limits. If you still failed to make a payment, please contact us: +48 573 966 831 or info@kleverlab.eu. We will try to help you!


Can I return an item?

According to article 38 p.5 of the Consumer Rights Law of Poland (published from 2014 №827) our products are non-refundable. But you can return goods of inadequate quality during the warranty period.

What is the product warranty?

Within 12 months from the date of issue of the certificate of product analysis (COA), subject to storage conditions (usually from -24°C to -16°C). Products must be used under the specifications set out in the certificate and on the site https://kleverlab.eu/products/.

What if I received a bad-quality product?

We are confident about the quality of our products. First of all you need to check all conditions of storage and use of the products. If you are sure that you have fulfilled
all the conditions and at the same time your product turned out to be of inappropriate quality, please let us know: +48 573 966 831 or info@kleverlab.eu.
We will check this information and, if it is confirmed, we will send you a new product for free. To do this, we need documents confirming that it was you who purchased this product.